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    To take a do it yourself will witnessed by the executors, and grant probate ( house is part of estate).Read more

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    I have suffered domestic violence so will need legal aid. I have a court order already in place where me and my ex partner share custody of my two children who are 8 and 10. For the past 3 months my ex partner has been getting drunk and kicking my two children out of the house one time was at 7 in the morning they had to walk 1.5miles to get to my mothers address where I was as I wasn't at home and I didn't know he had done this until they arrived. I'm extremely worried over the safety of my children when they are with him just yesterday he kicked them out again as he was drunk my son came to my house at 9 at night he had had no tea and was filthy. He also isn't following the court order and doesn't send the children down to my house and also hasn't set up a standing order for the money to be sent to me. There is also a restraining order on him from coming near me for life. I would be grateful for any advice and a way forward.Read more