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    I am having trouble with A firm called Support @alphatitanproducts.co.uk, I ordered some tablets from this firm recommended by Jeremy Cyle. They miss represented the price and found the lower trial price did not exist, I complained to my bank who upheld my version. The Tablets were sent back to the address in Cyprus on the envelope, then I received Two more of the product at a total of £194.90 + £ 3.00 postage. I have emails form them saying the y have been received the package, yet they will not repay the money back to my account. Nor will they give me the managers address known as Jamie, I have sent statements proving the amount that was deducted to no avail. I gave them 14 days notice of my intention to take them to a small claims court 6 days ago, I am firm about this and I will go to court to get my money back. I have copies of the emails and the statements form my bank which I sent by email, still they will not answer me and I am sick of being messed about. Regards Colin RiggRead more