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    Closed Anne Cheryl Davies | Verified Request | 2 Question(s) | 2 Offer(s) | 23 June 2015

    Need advice on Capital Gains Tax if I sell a property I have rented out since 2002 and done tax returns on. It was passed to me from my father via a Potentially Exempt Transfer over 7 years. My father is still alive. Gain is around £100,000/£120,000 not taking into account selling costs and I have spent around £20,000 getting it to a rentable condition (new kitchen, bathroom, boiler, plumbing). I have no other form of income but I want to sell because of the tenants have become more and more problematic over the years and I can't take the stress. I have a serious heart condition. Will I owe any Capital Gains Tax. I don't believe I will if the yearly allowances are all added up from 2002. Is this right? Can you advise. Over the phone is fine. What would you charge for, say, 15/30 minutes? Do I qualify for the yearly allowances during the PET period? Please can you help or advise?Read more