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    Closed Mr Gary Veale / Mrs Natasha Veale | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 1 Offer(s) | 28 January 2018

    Dear Sirs We are to purchase a small strip of land adjacent to our property in Christchurch for which we have agreed a price of £4000.00 with the current owners and are keen to complete as soon as possible. The land which is grassed, runs the length of our boundary between the fence and pavement and is approx. 5m wide. It is part of a larger former residential plot (that would have been our neighbour) for which the house was knocked down to build a side road and pavement. This was to gain access to a small development behind our property that was built in the 70’s. As such the whole plot was adopted by the council although still owned by the building company responsible for the development. No mortgage is needed and we do not require searches to be performed. We are aware of the restrictive covenants and public access rights that apply and will deal with these once we become owners of the land. We would like to consider employing a solicitor to arrange with the seller solicitors the completion of the appropriate land registry forms as well as the sale and part title transfer of said land to our title number Please can you provide an estimate of the cost? Kind regards Mr Gary Veale & Mrs Natasha VealeRead more