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  • Solicitors, Birmingham

    Steven Palmer | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 6 Offer(s) | 18 March 2019

    Lease variation - We own a flat bought from Taylor Wimpey where the original lease provided for the ground rent to be doubled every ten years. It has been agreed that will now be changed and will be linked to the RPI. We require legal representation to complete the process. Time frame is flexibleRead more

  • Solicitors, Leighton Buzzard

    | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 2 Offer(s) | 29 March 2019

    Advice & Help on transferring our House/Home to our 4 children, what are the pitfalls or problems and cost, and anything else we may need to know.Read more

  • Solicitors, Leicester

    Closed bryan laurence smith | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 3 Offer(s) | 30 November 2018

    Please quote me for a will and a financial affairs power of attorney.Read more

  • Barristers, Leicester

    Closed Dean Lowe | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 04 April 2016

    I am looking for a Barrister to attend my 2nd meeting to discuss the Financial settlement on the 14th march 2016 @11:00 A.M. At the first meeting it has agreed my divorce is to be classed as a short marriage further details can be provided. Specialist in this area preferred Many thanksRead more

  • Solicitors, Leicester

    Closed Mark Brown | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 25 November 2014

    I need to get a divorce, we have been seperated for two years and i have our 10 year old son every weekend.Read more

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