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  • Garages, Tiverton

    Closed Tim Lowrie | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 3 Offer(s) | 27 February 2019

    Wheel alignment, tracking for Citroen C5 Estate car.Read more

  • Garages, EX16 6RP, Tiverton

    Closed Julia stoneman | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 16 July 2017

    Hopefully just Welding & a bracket on a exhaust, but might need a whole new exhaust. But hopefully there can be a temp fix why I save up money.Read more

  • Garage Services, Tiverton

    Closed Mark sanders | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 1 Offer(s) | 06 October 2015

    I want a timing belt and water pump changed on my renault clio which das done 8500 miles and is an 08 modelRead more

  • Garages, EX5 7BJ, Cranbrook

    Closed Matt isherwood | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 01 October 2017

    Please can I have a rough estimate for the following mot fail repairs on a Vauxhall life 1.0 Brake pipe excessively corroded offside (front to rear by fuel tank) (3.6.B.2c) Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases (front flex pipe) (7.1.2) Brake pads less than 1.5mm thick front (3.5.1g) Brake disc in such a condition that it is seriously weakened front (3.5.1i) Suspension arm rubber bush has deteriorated resulting in excessive movement (both front wishbone rear bushes) (2.4.G.2) Front suspension has excessive play in a lower suspension ball joint near side (2.5.B.1a) Front suspension ball joint dust cover excessively deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt near side front (2.4.G.2)Read more

  • Garages, EX14 3NU, Awliscombe

    Closed Ian Crossley | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 3 Offer(s) | 14 February 2020

    Interim or general service not a full service and mot. Kia Sportage 8 years old 78,000 miles.Read more

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