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    Closed Frank Steele | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 22 July 2015

    I am housebound (due to Heart Failure, diabetes, and Emphasemia), and aged 74 years, male, and currently spend approx. 14 hours a day sitting in an arm-chair, watching TV. I have difficulty with walking, and am confined to a wheel-chair on the very rare occasions when I leave my home. I am looking for a Day Care Centre for myself where I can meet other people. Although not an artist, I would enjoy learning to paint, and possibly become involved in a hobby ( basic silk painting fot complete beginners, etc.). Transportation is a problem, since I do not own or drive a car, and have no access to a car. I am unable to walk to the nearest bus stop in order to catch an ordinary bus. I have been referred to Rideability, however, these people are only able to carry a maximum of two wheel-chairs at any one time, and there are already two persons with wheel-chairs fully booked, and very little, or no likelihood of any change in the near future. Largely due to transport problems, I am confined to seeking a placement at a Day Centre within the Blackpool South Shore area. I fully appreciate that I would have to pay for this service, however, I would not be able to afford to pay an exhorbitant amount.Read more