posted on 09 June 2020
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CB6 1NL, Littleport, Cambridgeshire
Myself and husband Have separated. We both have equal shares in a house in a Chatteris which he now solely occupied. Before lockdown the property was worth about £180,000. I have agreed for him to but me out for £80,000. He is going to take an equity release of £50,000 and leave £30,000 In his will for me to be taken out of his estate (or sooner if the house is sold). To take equity the house needs to be in his sole name. He is organising this. However I need to provide him with a statement from a solicitor to say I am happy and fully informed with this Agreement. Can you help and at what cost? Many thanks

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  1. Thomson Webb & Corfield Histon
    Thomson Webb & Corfield Histon , posted on 10 June 2020
  2. Miller Sands Solicitors
    Miller Sands Solicitors , posted on 10 June 2020