posted on 19 April 2020
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Eccles, Greater Manchester
Land problems with next door neighbour My neighbours have bought the house next door to me after renting it for about 3+ years. The entire road where I live have long back gardens that run into an entry that cars access some of the gardens have garages and off road car space . I live at Nbr 15 ,I’m having problems with Nbr 13. Two of the houses 11,13 had been taken back to allow for parking this was done in the 70s. My house was not taken back, it had double gates built on the left end so the access driving out of the built garage went across the Nbr 11 and 13 ,these two houses had garages also but set back on there gardens.......I bought my house in 2003 Nbr 15 ,all 3 houses 11,13,and 15 all had off road parking in the entry at the back of our houses.........In 2013 I bought the free hold to my property, It stated the land in this title with other land has the benefit of the following rights granted by a transfer of the land at 11 Cecil road dated 13th May 1994 made between 1. Routestone ltd (Transferor) and 2. k......M......(Transferee)...owner now deceased. T he neighbours at 13 who have just recently bought the house now want to take their garden area back as they don’t require a garage . My double gates being on the side would be blocked and I would have no access to the back entry, I paid £700for the new gates, the area at the back of 11, 13 and 15 have been this way for 35/40 yrs I don’t know where I stand on the letter from the land registry it states Except and reserved unto the transferor and it’s successors in title firstly such right of way over the passageway at the rear of the property hereby transferred as is necessary for the use and enjoyment of the Transferors land in the said title “ The Adjoining Land “ and secondly all such rights of support shelter and protection as may at present be enjoyed by the Adjoining land over the property hereby transferred.

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