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posted on 18 August 2014
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Ipswich, Suffolk
I am in a running dispute with HMRC. I emigrated to the US in June 2012 taking with me all relevant Tax documents to file since I get a pension from the US and file a Self Assessment every year. I mailed the Tax Return in September 2012 from Austin, Texas which HMRC received. However, there was a page missing and they say they returned it to me in the US. I did NOT receive it and moved from Austin to St. Louis, Mo in October 2012 leaving a forwarding address with the US Postal Service. I came back to the UK in April 2013 and January 2014 I received a letter from HMRC to say I now owed £1,200 in late fees. It has escalatered from there and is now up to £3,000. I have written numerous letters to them and documented everything from them and to them. I have been in touch with the CAB but feel I now need legal counselling since their letters are becoming threatening. They even sent letters to the wrong address while all the while compiling the money they say I owe. I need help as this is going to drive me to a breakdown. This situation is quite complicated but I have kept it as brief as possible. I am 69 years old and don't feel as though I can do this without help. Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you Frances Irene Bellin Whitley

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