posted on 30 May 2019
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Erdington, West Midlands
Havnt been able to live in my matrimonial home for 9 years as husband wouldnt let me ,went to solicitors before and got court date but was forced to efore it you do leagal aid ?and do i have any rights as havnt made mortgage payments and not been allowed to live there havnt been allowed any belongings and all my furnitute overthe years has been discarded ,its now all making me ill,do i have any rights ? Thankyou ,

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  1. Ian Henery Solicitors Ltd BIRMINGHAM
    Ian Henery Solicitors Ltd BIRMINGHAM, posted on 03 June 2019

    Unfortunately, there is no legal aid available. The exception would be if there was domestic violence involved. What happened to your previous solicitor and the hearing?

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  1. Jagdev Legal
    Jagdev Legal , posted on 03 June 2019