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posted on 03 April 2019
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SG4 0LB, Hitchin, Hertfordshire
I own a very Trusty Ford Mondeo Mk1 2.0 GLX (Aug 1995) The vehicle recently lost a Brake lining retaining pin for the offside leading brake shoe (Rear offside) This has been temporarily fixed with washers, 2 nuts (locking ) 1 x 3mm bolt (retainer) to keep the errant brake shoe back in place with the piston until new retaining pins arrive (I have the spring clip found within the Offside rear brake drum ! Also inspection at time has revealed Rear Brake Shoe linings look near limit and when pushing the Rear brake shoe piston in... some weeping was present (potentially only due to the long travel it had when shoe was out of position inside drum (making a little racket!) I seek- Quotation to:- * Fit new Rear Brake Linings , Shoe Retaining pins/clips * Inspect and replace Brake piston seals if required/if found to be leaking... * Reassemble and bleed rear brakes if necessary and ensure rear brakes , brake adjuster mechanism/handbrake mechanism is all working ok Kind regards...Hugh Brazier

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