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posted on 08 July 2014
expires on 06 September 2014
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Bletchley, Buckinghamshire
Hi every 3 - 4 months I produce a 16 or 24 page booklet about my shop and the classes we provide. It needs a revamp and we waste space and it isn't very exciting looking, but it does give clear information. I am looking for someone who can look at it and come up with a simple template that I can use on my own in the future but that provides a basic framework for how to put this together. I usually use Word win a table within it and put text in some boxes and images in others. If you think you may be able to help put something like this together, then please get in touch. I fairly often produce flyers that need some artwork on them and so a good job may lead to others.

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  1. Impact
    Impact, posted on 11 July 2014

    Hi, impact! having been designing newsletters for 30+ years. Regarding a flexible template we would not recommend using Word or Publisher but investing in InDesign, which is relatively cheap and can be rented using the cloud version. If this option is acceptable we will be delighted to quote, however, designing a template in Word will not give you any reasonable level of attractiveness, simplicity or flexibility. You can contact me directly on 01525 370013 my name is Sarah or email to further discuss the above. I hope to hear from you soon.

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