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posted on 23 April 2018
expires on 22 June 2018
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SM3 9HN, Sutton, Surrey
I administer a Line Dancing class which is held in a Scout Hall in Stonecot Hill which I rent from the Scout Association for one hour every week. Although our teacher and the Scout Assoc have their own Public Liability insurance I have been advised it would be in my best interests to have some sort of insurance in place for myself in the event of any accident etc occurring which was not deemed to be covered by either the PL of the teacher or Scout Assoc. I'm not sure what type of policy I would require - some specific Public Liability policy I assume. I would appreciate your advice on this please.

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  1. Qi Financial Solutions Ltd
    Qi Financial Solutions Ltd, posted on 24 April 2018

    Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch. We don't deal with Public Liability Insurance. You could perhaps try an online comparison website?

  2. Money Sage
    Money Sage, posted on 25 April 2018

    Hi, we do have a provider that will is prepared to offer an illustration of cost, however we would need to take further information from you to do so. Should you wish to take this further we can either contact you direct if you can supply us with contact details or you can call us on 0208 850 5000.

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  1. Sunsure Uk Ltd
    Sunsure Uk Ltd , posted on 24 April 2018
    1STOP INSURANCE CONSULTANTS LTD , posted on 24 April 2018
  3. M & S Duggal Ltd
    M & S Duggal Ltd , posted on 24 April 2018