posted on 15 January 2018
expires on 16 March 2018
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MK44 3AL, Wyboston, Bedfordshire
I have a small works project in Wyboston Lakes to refurbish the back of house commercial kitchen area. The project is due to start onsite imminently. Please advise if you have any availability for general building works to modify some internal walls within the kitchen, strip back existing services, form some new openings in the existing structure, form openings in pitch roof for extract ductwork, form new internal waste points from existing, decorations, etc, etc. There is no front of house works and it is estimated the project will be onsite 4-5wks. I am on site tomorrow Tues 16th Jan and would be gratefully if you could contact me to arrange a site visit or advise you would be unable to quote for these works.

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  1. Clarkson Builders
    Clarkson Builders , posted on 16 January 2018
  2. Churchills Storage & Refurbishment Ltd
    Churchills Storage & Refurbishment Ltd , posted on 16 January 2018
  3. Boxx Build Solutions Ltd
    Boxx Build Solutions Ltd , posted on 16 January 2018