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posted on 03 August 2013
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Northampton, Northamptonshire
Need for my residential garden to be refurbished, basically need to have shrubs, weeds and old lawn taken away and some old fencing, plus the pathway in the middle of the garden is laid with bricks, and this may need to be finished off, but there are some bricks to be used left in the garden from the previous owner. Plus once the grass and weeds have gone, then both sides of the pathway will need to be gravelled and also the bed infront the back door to the garden needs to be cleared out of all weeds etc so that gravel can be laid also there. Two conifer trees need to be relocated in the garden if possible. Slight pebble dashing needs to be done to the back of the property in places, and have some stepping stones that we would like to have incorporated into the garden somewhere. Also if possible we would like washing line posts to be erected in the garden somewhere if possible and just making it a low maintenance garden to sit out in and potter around in. Please could you give me a quote on these services asap as the garden is to the rear of the property in a mid-terrace house, Victorian type garden and there is access to the rear of the property throught the gate entrances which can be unlocked for you to use.

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    Can I come and view the property

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    Pro Green Gardening and Maintenance , posted on 05 August 2013
  2. tnd landscapes
    tnd landscapes , posted on 20 August 2013