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    Closed Hassan Shuman | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 3 Offer(s) | 16 October 2016

    I am primarily seeking advice on how to handle various situations in my marriage as it is getting me down. i am confused between just walking and losing the kids or learn how to handle my wife's antics (foul tempered, short fused and extremely controlling, OCC). i am sure i am at fault too and can do with understanding what is wrong with me and where i need to improve without being judged I live in Eastcote, so Pinner is great for me. I am keen on getting advice as opposed to just someone listening as I just do not know the answers and how to react to various situations, such as: 1. Abusive language when I have not cleaned the house when I am working from home 2. Sulking if I respond to her tantrums 3. We have a different view on dealing with teenagers 4. It is always my fault or my daughters fault. She has to blame someone 5. The bottle is always half empty for her - 6. She is constantly comparing me to more successful men, putting me down, calling me a failure despite my clients and work colleagues speaking very highly of me Perhaps these are all normal wife behaviours, but they are getting me down and I can do with help and advice on how to handle these situations.Read more