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    I need to change the soundhead of an ultrasoud machine It's a EMS THERASONIC 350 - 1mhz I'll buy it in 1997 The sérial number of the machine is 67225 The date MFG is 05/97 The sérial number of the sound head is 65046 for 1.1 Mhz used with model 80 with a crytal area of 7.0 cm2 I'm french physio I don't find it in french Thank to tell me if it's possible to buy it et expand it in frenchRead more

  • Hartec report, London

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    Was involved in an accident back in July 2015, I need a second Hartec report to give to my solicators. I was driving in he left hand lane of two, when a car in the right hand lane went into my car. The drivers side bumper went into my drivers side door. I have an old car so the damage wasn't that bad. However I substained soft tissue issue which require around 12 weeks of physiotherapy. I also have X-ray proof of my injurys and was given several pain relief. The other driver isn't admitting that it was his fault. Iv had one Hartec report done which come to a conclusion that the damage to both cars wasn't accident relate. However this is untrue. Both parties sent in pictures of the damage that occurred in the accident. Approximate speed was 15-20mphRead more