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    Closed Gavin Whyte | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 4 Offer(s) | 28 October 2019

    Dear Sir or Madam, I am getting my book published and I would like a quote for a high quality, good resolution photograph to appear on the back cover of my book and to showcase myself professionally on the publisher's website, and the press and communications. Please avoid Webcam, passport and poorly lit photographs. Ideally, it should be just head-and-shoulders with a reasonably blank background. Would you agree, if I find the first image not ideal you will take another image free-of-charge? Any photographs need to be provided as JPEG or TIFF files of at least 300 dpi resolution. If you cannot provide electronic files of the photographs, you can either post the artwork to us so that we can digitise it. For large file transfers we recommend you send us the artwork via WeTransfer.com. If you need any further specification advice please email us at production@austinmacauley.com. Would you be agreeable to providing a free portrait in return for a printed endorsement under the back cover photograph? I will contact my publisher this morning about this, perhaps it could be negotiated. of course the photograph would be under my copyright. Kind Regards, Gavin Whyte, 2/53 Croft-an-Righ, Edinburgh, EH8 8EGRead more

  • Photographer, Edinburgh

    Closed Sue Armstrong | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 5 Offer(s) | 29 November 2014

    I need a photo-portrait for the back jacket of my book -- a small pic of me to go above "author details".Read more