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  • pawn 2 combo guitar amplifiers, Bexleyheath

    Closed George Robert Picton. | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 2 Offer(s) | 05 April 2018

    Does your business deal with musical electronics? If not, would you kindly point me toward a company that does. As I would like to pawn 2 combo guitar amplifiers, i.e. model/type/description [1] Laney LX120RTWIN [2] HIWATT MAXWATT G100R. . Condition: almost as good as new, both in perfectly good working order. Price/value when bought new around £250 each, in 20015 from the Doghouse Music shop, Broadway, Bexleyheath. Unfortunatlely my receipts have been inadvertently misplaced or lost. I'm in need of cash, urgently, your best offer will be highly appreciated. For an accurate quote, confident and satisfied that both my items are in excellent condition and working fully, I'll need to bring them into your shop. Thank you so much for your time.Read more