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    We require full time live-in care for my 93 year old mother who has lived in the same house for over 25 years, the last 5 years on her own since my father died. She has had agency carers for quite a few years, with the visits increasing so she now has 4 visits a day. Until recently she could manage all personal care and cooking; she can still manage personal care but struggles to cook and is very confused about her medication. She is becoming quite confused and there is some doubt (in my mind) as to whether this is early first signs of dementia or result of a UTI. She has for many years suffered from bowel problems, which can be particularly problematic at night. Additionally she has suffered from a number of falls over the last few months, many of them at night when she attempts to go to the toilet. We have now reached the stage of her having to decide between a care home and full time live-in care. I am particularly interested in providers business model, including length of period of each carer's shift, consistency of carer, home location of carer, our ability to chose carer, ability to drive as well as indicative costs.Read more