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    Closed Fiona Jean Mayfield-Smith | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 12 June 2019

    looking for some one to do a spiral perm and cost pleaseRead more

  • Hairdressers, Hemel Hempstead

    Closed Katy Gray | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 6 Offer(s) | 11 March 2019

    My hair is brown and about half way down my back, I want bright colour highlights that go to the ends as a dip dye type thing. Sorry I don’t know what it’s called but I’ve seen pictures so I know it can be done :) Want to know how much it would be roughly, thanks.Read more

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    Closed Ann Marquez | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 31 December 2014

    Hi there, I am looking a salon that does, the Brazilian blow dry, semi permanent straightening. Does anyone do it in Hemel Hempstead?Read more