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  • Computer Shops, Bristol

    Closed Camelia Duta | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 1 Offer(s) | 09 November 2019

    The screen on my laptop is turn blue and than black, i cant access anything.Read more

  • Computer Repair & Maintenance, Bristol

    Closed Lydia Stephenson | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 29 December 2018

    I have a HP laptop which is a couple of years old and the letter 'C' seems to have stopped working, it is the only letter as far as I am aware.Read more

  • Front glass replacement, Bristol

    Closed Kathrine | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 1 Offer(s) | 12 August 2017

    IPhone 5 front glass screen replacement my glass on front is smashed every think else is working so wanted to no how much it will beRead more

  • Computer & Software Shops, Bristol

    Closed Amy Howell | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 0 Offer(s) | 09 April 2017

    I have a Acer laptop which is run by Windows 7, I have trouble turning this laptop on. Before the laptop reaches the home screen a messaged called 'Windows recovery error' appears. Two options show which is Launch repair and also start windows each option I press creates a loop and brings back up the windows recovery error. Windows was preinstalled in the laptop so I have no windows 7 disc. I have also tried safe mode and this does not work either.Read more

  • computer repair, Bristol

    Closed ioana | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 3 Offer(s) | 01 November 2013

    My computer doesn't start anymore. I don't know what is the problem.Read more