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    Closed John Cornish | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 1 Offer(s) | 08 September 2018

    My name is John Cornish a volunteer Debt Advisor working with the charity Faithworks Wessex and operating from the Food Bank Methodist Church in Blandford DT11 7HA. My client has had a recent separation from her partner of over 15 years. They own a mortgaged property in Durham. My client lives in private rented accommodation in Blandford with two children 12 and 15. My client has used up al her savings to keep the household together. even selling one horse to gain money to buy food. In the past her partner managed all financial affairs. At the moment the couple are not on speaking terms. This is where we need free legal aid to resolve the issues with the Durham property, eg mortgage, Council Tax, income from lettings, etc and possible selling of the property. And whether the ex partner should make a contribution towards the upkeep of his two children. Please arrange to contact me John Cornish. Thank you so much and look forward to a company that can offer legal support to my client in quite difficult situation.Read more