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    Hello I’ve been instructed to contact yourself and quote the direct access method. I am Laura , 34 , and Mum of 2 boys who are 8 & 5 . To cut a long story short my eldest son went to stay with his father 6 months ago , we agreed in mediation he would spend 4 weeks there to decide whether it would be a permanent thing , well back in dec he stopped me having contact with him and his brother , I have since been to court twice , trying to get my son back , where he belongs , I would like someone to represent me in the 3rd hearing on 13th July if possible , I wouldn’t of needed any representation but he’s told lies to the court and Is still wanting no contact if my partner is there . I just want me son back home where he belongs but he’s being brainwashed and emotionally abused by my ex . Ideally I need to keep the cost down as I wasn’t expecting to have to pay out for this type of thing so if a payment plan is an option then great . Look forward to hearing from you. LauraRead more