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    YesDear Sir/Madam, My name is Tammie Watts, aged 42 & I am in need of a barrister to help represent me against OFSTED. They want to take my childminding licence away & I'm fighting to keep it & keep the job I love doing. After a horrible separation from my husband of 20 years, where he tried to turn my three children then aged 15, 11 & 9 against me & encouraged them to say lies about me, social service got involved & so did OFSTED given my profession. Due to not having funds to be able to get someone to represent me & having my disabled sister be a McKenzie Friend granted an audience with the he court, we did not know what we were doing but did the best we could. After a year long battle where my ex was seeking an ousting & child care order & due to the lies everyone professional seemed to swallow including social services & because we did not realise we could put an ousting order against him, the judge reluctantly granted the orders to him because the kids were also placed on a Child Care Plan for emotional abuse. Now OFSTED are using all this against me. They are saying that as I've not been able to protect my children against emotional abuse (of which my husband was the prime cause of this) & I no longer have my children then I am a risk. Also during their involvement they have been assessing me as a childminder & when visiting have been heavily questioning me about SAFE GUARDING issues & what signs should I look for. I have been asked these questions during a very stressful & emotional time & have not been able to present myself to my best ability, understandably so I think. Given that I've always had a GOOD standard in my 15 year child minding career What I am in need of is for someone to want to take this case to help me. It is a 2 maybe 3 day court case in Oxford from June 4th. I have very limited funds of only £2,500 &Read more