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    Closed Jeanette Gould | Verified Request | 1 Question(s) | 8 Offer(s) | 05 August 2019

    Have had a few sessions of accupuncture whilst on holiday last month and it worked wonders but was expensive. £80 per session. Expected it to last longer but didnt. I suffer with fibromyalgia. Austio arthritis and heamoplehegic migraines. Please someone help me with the awful pains and the stress of being unable to do the things i need and would love to do. Preferably close to hemel as im not good with travel. Many thanks Jeanette GouldRead more

  • Acupuncture, Hemel Hempstead

    Closed Janet graham | Verified Request | 0 Question(s) | 5 Offer(s) | 13 December 2014

    Sciatic pain and degenerative spine 92 year old female. NHS physio say nothing more they can do. Cannot take pain killing medication due to side effectsRead more