New Id Makeover Photographic Studios, London

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New Id Makeover Photographic Studios
1st Floor, Debenhams
W12 7AG London - Ariel Way
Greater London England
*This location is permanently closed.


My New ID Experience

more than 6 months ago

What a terrific ego boost you get when you spend a few hours having a fabulous transformation at New ID. If you are feeling it a bit low then this is certainly the experience you need to have. I could not believe how gorgeous the talented young creatures at New ID made me look and for only fifty pounds. Forget plastic surgery, if you need a bit of a lift then this is a super way to do it. The makeup lady that did me was incredible and gave me so many great tips and advice about how to do my makeup. I was so interested to learn how you can greatly improve you looks with makeup and did not think that the kind of transformation that I got was even possible without going under the knife. The only tip I would give is to go on a weekday as it was rammed on the Saturday that I went and I was there six hours. They don’t put on food so if you do go on a Saturday take some snacks and a book to read. But this is a great experience and I would be amazed if anybody did not love it as much as I did.
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New ID Makeover Photoshoot

more than 6 months ago

I was really happy with my makeover and as much as I would like to write a very balanced review I don’t think that there is a lot you can say about New ID that is not really positive. The staff are all very friendly and make you feel very welcome. The studio has a nice atmosphere and is nicely done out and has lots of really great shots of previous clients on the wall. The refreshments are free and that includes some very nice Bucks Fizz. The quality of the hair and makeup products is really good and I loved how they made me look. They let you have shots taken in up to four different outfits and at the end of it you get a private viewing session where there is no hard sales and you have plenty of time to chose the shots you want. the only thing that perhaps could be changed here is that you have to pay postage to get the voucher you need to phone up and book the appointment and you have to pay postage to have the prints sent to you and they are already quite pricy but other than that I think having a New ID makeover and photoshoot is a pretty faultless experience.
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My makeover at New ID

more than 6 months ago

I was given my voucher for my deluxe makeover at New ID as a gift from a friend. I had mentioned to her some time ago that I fancied having a new hair cut and she said that her friend had been to New ID and not only got a great new style but had had her makeup done as well as having a photoshoot and had come away with some incredible shots of herself on CD. I went along feeling very nervous but I felt at ease as soon as I got into new ID. The staff were all very sweet and made me feel very comfortable. I had a discussion with the first lady about what I had brought along to wear and how I was going to have my makeup done and we discussed the shoot and filled in some forms. I had my haircut first and was very happy indeed it was just as good as Claire had said and I felt at this point particularly comfortable with my decision to go along. I had to wait a while to see the makeup lady but she also did a great job and I was starting to feel pretty glamerous. I went into the studio feeling quite glad that I had managed three free glasses of Bucks Fizz as that helped quite lot with my level of confidence and the shoot was brilliant. I decided to have my shots done on print as I wanted to get them framed in one of the New ID frames that takes three prints. I loved New ID. The photos are not the cheapest of things to buy but it is a lovely salon and they do a really great job of your makeover.
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New ID shoot

more than 6 months ago

I went along to New ID to take part in the Boudoir Beauty Photoshoot that I brought directly off their own website. As the voucher for the experience was only twenty five pounds I was expecting it to be a bit of a cheap and cheerful affair but it was carried out really professionally and would have been worthy of a much more expensive voucher cost. On top of that you get twenty five pounds voucher towards the prints on the day so if you could look at it that you are not in fact paying anything for the voucher that includes a consultation with a fashion consultant, makeup application as well as hair styling and of course the photoshoot and after that you get a private viewing session one on one, so I think price wise you really cant complain about that. The only downside is that even the smallest print is twenty five pounds so you are going to have to shell out quite a lot if you want a lot of or the bigger prints. I ended up spending just over five hundred pounds on my prints but they are on very high quality paper and the composition of all of the shots was really very good. The service is very friendly and the atmosphere in the studio is relaxed and friendly.
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New ID

more than 6 months ago

I have been fed up with how I look for ages, there is no way I was ever going to be able to afford the plastic surgery I would really like to have to take a few years off me, so I deiced to go and do the next best thing and get a makeover. I have been a single Mum for the last eighteen years and now my kids are old enough to fend for themselves I decided it was time for me to get on the dating circuit and this was a great way to jump start the feel good factor. I would love to have a facelift but it is out of the question so I found myself at New ID. I went to New ID because my mate told me that it was a good company and it was. I was asked a bunch of questions when I got there about how much time I have normally to get ready and stuff like that, it was good because they were working out an image that could be for every day not just one for the time I was there and I was really impressed with that. The makeup lady even puts it all down on a chart for you so you can do the look yourself again at home, well at least try to! I liked the hair cut they gave me, it might not have been what I would normally have gone for but I have to say that it really did suit me and it make me look quite a lot younger even though I do say so myself. I was feeling pretty happy with my new look and felt great having my picture taken, it was amazing to see the difference in me on the pictures and it gave me a whole new lease of life to be honest. I was going to get five pictures and the free one but decided to buy a few of the cosmetics they used to I could do the look myself at home. I have to hand it to New ID they do a really great job and its change the way that I want to look and I have got a date
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