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HomeOption gives more choice about where you want to live. In the past the Council or Housing Association would make an offer of accommodation when your turn had been reached in an area of your choice. Now you will have the chance to express an interest in a property which is suitable for your needs when it becomes available.
Most Homeseekers will not get the opportunity to rent accommodation with a Council or Housing Association. There are many more people looking for homes than there are vacancies.
Therefore, you may need to consider alternative solutions to your housing difficulties. Here are some alternative housing options you may wish to consider.

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Existing Council and Housing Association tenants who have registered to transfer to another home can use HomeOption to find one. Homeseekers can also use HomeOption to find a home. Every fortnight HomeOption produces a property list, which advertises the available Council and Housing Association homes within the six local authority areas. You can look at the adverts and make an expression of interest for any properties you would like to be considered for. A summary of who can express an interest, and how to express an interest can be found in this Guide.
Councils and Housing Associations in the HomeOption scheme will generally only allocate empty properties to people who have made an expression of interest through HomeOption. HomeOption gives you more choice about where you want to live. It also gives you a better idea of what is available in your area. In each edition you can see how homes in the previous editions were let by turning to the feedback page.
You can also see what level of priority the successful applicant had and how long they waited for a new home. If you would like to find out more about how to use HomeOption to express an interest for a home you should contact your Council Housing Department.
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