Kevin Kimberley

, 06 June 2020

Absolute wankers took a rebate of me with no signature ,when approached by hmrc sent a contract ,blatantly not my signature being investigated for fraud

, 27/06/2019

my son was due a tax rebate phone hmr up sent a cheque to the tax repayment agency had a cheque from them and took half of his money in entitled to and he never signed a letter and sent back they are robber am trying to see I can do anything to get the money back it's not right

, 12/06/2019

My daughter unwittingly signed papers for this agency to collect a tax repayment for her last year. She never saw a penny of it and on contacting the inland revenue was told her rebate had been paid to them. They are a gang of thieves.

, more than 2 years ago

These people have taken my hard earned tax rebate and have not informed me of this and told me why. I will be taking further legal action. Of I could, I wouldn't even give this a star.

by Dea, 17/10/2018

Yes they have taken my money also without even asking I never requested to use them and hmrc won't help they say I have a signature I can assure you it wasn't my signature how can they get away with this

by Waynewafcsmith, 04/02/2019

Same here they I have received letter today stating I am entitled to a refund of over £200 and when I ring HMRC they say this company has my money. I tried to find number but no luck and HMRC won’t help at all.

, more than 2 years ago

It would be better to talk to someone by phone not email to discuss your questions