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, 06 December 2018

I am here to recommend this company's amazing deep cleaning service. I was visited by those housekeepers a couple of days ago and they did a brilliant job. I had no complaints because everything was done to such a high standard. It is a pleasure to collaborate with these guys because they are so professional, kind and reliable. They know how to leave the customers happy! I am already looking forward to the next cleaning session because I cannot wait to see my home so pristine again. The prices are so economical that I do not have to worry about the budget.

, 04 December 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to say huge thank you for the wonderful carpet cleaning service that you have provided to me. Your commitment and customer service have always been more than excellent. I would like to thank your cleaners for the great carpet cleaning service and quality work you delivered. I have already recommended the service to many of my friends and colleagues and I will continue to do so in future. One more time, thank you for helping me get the carpets look amazing again. Than you for professionalism and for showing me that you care.

, 03 December 2018

The house cleaning services of this company are very good. It was my first time using the so I did not know what exactly to expect. The cleaners came in late because of a previous appointment but they were quick enough to finish the cleaning on time. They were very friendly and worked beyond my expectation. I am sure that I will be booking the service again it is very efficient and budget-friendly. I recommend it to everyone.

04 December 2018

Hi Corey! Thanks for the positive feedback. We are sorry to be late but as we informed you it was due to the traffic!

, 29 November 2018

As my friend could not stop praising the housekeepers who work at this company and their house cleaning services, I finally decided to try them. Somehow I do not want to admin that my stubborn friend is right but he is. When I saw the outcome of these cleaners' performance, I was stunned. They visited me last week (on Saturday, to be more specific). These guys are fantastic people. They were friendly and I could easily say that they worked very passionately. They brought the cleaning equipment and started doing the chores right away. First, they dusted the shelves and piece of furniture. I fell in love with the results. These housekeepers cleaned my entire 2-bedroom unit in no time at all. I have a vintage wardrobe so the cleaners paid special attention to it using only professional-grade products. They deep cleaned the carpets, too. What impressed me the most was how helpful these guys were. They even game a few pieces of advice on how to take proper care of the carpets. I am always looking forward to the next cleaning session. I highly recommend the house cleaning this service, the rates are so economical.

04 December 2018

Hi Phoebe! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

, 28 November 2018

My husband and I have been using your company's regular cleaning service ever since our son moved out and we started travelling. Since we're abroad most of the year, we don't really see your technician, who comes to clean our home once a month, but we're still very grateful for all her hard work. When our son was still in high school and we were still working at the firm, we used to clean the house by ourselves. But when he got in university, we finally retired and there was no point to keep cleaning the house by ourselves. We decided to book your company's regular cleaning services because we liked the reviews you had and also your prices seemed far more reasonable than those of your competition. We rely on your company because you are really trustworthy and your technician is a capable fella who dedicates his time to clean our home and we really appreciate it.

04 December 2018

Hi Summer! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

, 27 November 2018

This company's house cleaning is good. The cleaners do a brilliant job of cleaning and always succeed in leaving me satisfied. They have keen eye for detail and work quickly. I love how spotless they leave my house, every time. The added benefit is that they use their own cleaning equipment so I do not have to allot money for the products. The cleaning session covers every inch of my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and even the hallway. If you need such house cleaning service, do not hesitate to turn to this company.

04 December 2018

Hi Alex! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

, 26 November 2018

The cleaners who did the end of tenancy cleaning service were great. They did save the day! I did not know how to proceed wit the end of tenancy cleaning so a friend of mine told me about this company. I booked an appointment and the housekeepers arrived exactly when scheduled. We walked through what was needed and then they did the job in the most spectacular manner possible. I would like to add that is was a very big job in a 3-bedroom property requiring a lot of cleaning. However, these cleaners did a great job. Everywhere just sparkled. I high recommend.

04 December 2018

Hi Amelie! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

, 23 November 2018

The company's after builders cleaning services are exceptional! This company does deliver an outstanding quality from the very beginning to the completion of the job. I would highly recommend the company and the after builders cleaning service without hesitation. To be frank, I was a little hesitant because I have never booked a such professional service before and I did not know what to expect. In fact, I friend of mine told me about this company and I did not have much time to do a research. So I decided to give it a shot and this is how I turned to this company. I spoke to a very kind agent and I loved the fact that she introduced me to the after builders cleaning service in details. On the next day, a team of cleaners came to the renovated property. They did not waste time and started with cleaning the kitchen. The kitchen was actually the messiest room of them all but somehow these cleaners made it sparkle in a short span of time. Then, moving to the other rooms, they did it again - they deep cleaned absolutely every area and room in the property. I do no think I am able to thank them enough!

04 December 2018

Hi Louise! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

, 21 November 2018

I got a lot busier at work so I did not have enough time to spare for doing the housework. My husband advised me to book a professional deep cleaning service and did not oppose. The cleaners who helped us with the chores were so skilled and professional. They cleaned the entire flat in no time and made sure that every bit of it was paid the attention it needed. By the time they were done, our home looked amazing. It was such a pleasure coming back from work to a such sparkling place. We already told our friends about the deep cleaning service of this company. It is perfect!

04 December 2018

Hi Leah! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

, 20 November 2018

A friend of mine mentioned your company when I was in search of professional deep cleaning service. He told me that the rates are too affordable having in mind the thoroughness of the service. I did not give it a second thought and called the company at my earliest convenience. What impressed me was how polite the agent was. She introduced me to the deep cleaning service and provided me with a free quote. On the next day, a team of friendly housekeepers came to the unit. They started cleaning right away and a couple of hours the whole unit was sparkling. I had no words to express how happy I was with the outcome. I will never be able to deep clean my home so thoroughly.

04 December 2018

Hi Morgan! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

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