Reviews of Clean To Perfection London

, 05 February 2019

The carpet was supposed to be safe at another room far from the renovation work but accidents happen in the chaos. I found about you by word to mouth from an acquaintance to an acquaintance who hold you in high regard. I don't know how I'd have cleaned it myself since I have zero cleaning skills especially for situations like that. You, however, were so good as to ensure me that you'll return my carpet as good as new and you kept to your promise. You did an amazing reconstruction job. I appreciate your hard work because I know it must have not been easy. I mean, the carpet was very old and very damaged. It was a miracle that you managed to save it. You should be know to a much greater audience because your cleaning technique is truly of the ar.

, 04 February 2019

When I first discovered your professional cleaning services I was so happy! Now, I am already used to having your technicians doing their work around my house. I find you a very reliable and trustworthy cleaning agency and I think you are the best in the cleaning field, so I will definitely keep calling you in the future!

, 01 February 2019

I had a problem with my upholstered furniture. I bought it second hand and it was quite good looking, however, a few months after that, I realised it can be easily damaged and stained, so at the one point it was all covered in different types of dirt. I was desperate, when a friend recommended me to book an upholstery cleaning service with your agency and I didn't hesitate much. Must I say, that the service absolutely saved my upholstery! You did amazing job and the cleaners were very friendly and attentive with the procedures! Thank you so much.

, 31 January 2019

I have been using this company's gardening services long enough to know they are second to none. The first time their gardeners helped me get the yard looking amazing I was so impressed that I knew I would not turn to another company every again. The gardeners who work at this company are true professionals who know no fear or challenge. They are always smiley and prepared to face the next challenge without breaking a sweat. Being their customer has given our family time back, too. I have already hired those gardeners to help us with the grass cutting, hedge trimming and bush shaping. There is nothing negative I could tell about this company! They always perform at peak levels no matter the size of the project. Plus the rates are so competitive!

, 30 January 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to say how amazing this company is. Last week, I booked the deep cleaning of this company and their cleaners performed at peak levels. They managed to deep clean my entire flat in no time while I was out for a walk. I simply did not want to stand in their way. When I came back home, I could not believe my eyes. I was standing in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by a sparkling cleanliness. There was no signs of any grime or dust. I am definitely booking the deep cleaning again.

, 29 January 2019

My wife and I knew we could not deal with the post construction mess on our own so we decided to turn to a professional cleaning company. We did a quick research and we found this after builders cleaning company. Without hesitation, we called for an appointment and on the morrow of our calling a team of kind housekeepers came to the address. They brought the necessary equipment and did the cleaning in a very quick and efficient manner. They made sure all traces of the renovation were remove. We are both extremely thankful and we will recommend the service for sure.

, 28 January 2019

My husband and I moved back into our flat after having rented it out to a student for over two years. To put it mildly, the property was neglected over the course of this period. We both knew we needed help getting the flat back to a place where we could be comfortable in. We were recommended this company so we decided to book the professional cleaning service. They were able to accommodate us on very short notice and were more than helpful. The housekeepers did a spectacular job cleaning the flat and we were able to move in our pristine home.

, 25 January 2019

I used this company's house cleaning service when I got back from business trip as the flat was dusty with very dirty floors and carpets. The housekeepers that came did a nice job with dusting and restored most of the floors but what I did not like was the fact that they cleaned with their shoes on. Anyway, if you need one-off cleaning, this company is a good choice.

, 24 January 2019

I do not think I can say enough about the cleaners who work at this company. They came to give me a hand with the housework. Not only did they arrive on time but they managed to do the job in a very quick manner. They did a very good job and left me speechless when I walked in the door. I am very thankful for all their hard work and I am sure I will be calling the again very soon. They were very accommodating and focused during the clean up. I do not know what I would do without their assistance. I already recommend the house cleaning service to a couple of friends and I will continue to do so.

, 23 January 2019

I would not hesitate to recommend this company - absolutely every aspect of their deep cleaning , from the first call through the payment itself was stress free. All of the representatives are reliable and kind. Thanks to the cleaners who came to help with the deep cleaning, now I can enjoy my home to the fullest. It is o clean and tidy now! The cleaners who arrived on the day of the appointment were so prompt, gently with the furniture and cleaned every bit of the house to perfection. I am very pleased with the deep cleaning service and will surely use it again.

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