Reviews of bespoke languages tuition

, 19 April 2018

My French tutor for GCSE work has been great. We have managed to work on my weaknesses and see a massive improvement since the beginning of my work. My tutor has helped me prepare well for all four aspects of the GCSE and his upbeat attitude towards helping me has made me become more dedicated to French - I am very pleased with my improvement!

David James Walker

, 15 April 2018

I have known Aaron Neame in his role as Principal of BLT for several years and cannot think of anyone more organised, motivated and dedicated to the business of educating pupils. His knowledge of language teaching and the cognitive processes involved in acquiring a second language are a major asset of his and he is certainly someone I often speak to for advice and guidance in teaching.

17 April 2018

Thank you so much for your kind review David. It's great to know that the Head of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at Kingswood School, one of the UK's top Independent Schools, continues to endorse BLT's services. We look forward to future collaborations.

, 03 April 2018

I have been having online Oxbridge French and Spanish tuition for the past 6 months. I have my lessons via Skype, which means that the lessons can be arranged easily to fit my schedule. The Skype lessons are also very flexible, and can take place in a comfortable environment. My Oxbridge French and Spanish tutor is very passionate about languages, and so each tutoring session is always enjoyable and inspiring. The lessons are intellectually challenging, but by being challenged, I feel that I’ve gained a lot more confidence in my French and Spanish skills. In addition to the languages themselves, my BLT Oxbridge French and Spanish tutor has given me interesting texts to read that fit the subject, such as works about language acquisition, linguistics and philosophy of language. I would highly recommend Bespoke Languages Tuition to anyone looking to improve their language skills, whether that be in terms of confidence, fluency or comprehension.

, 26 March 2018

Since I was recommended Bespoke Languages Tuition by my school, my ability and confidence in Spanish has grown rapidly. My Spanish Tutor has been very patient and not only helped me to build on skills I already had, but develop new ones as well. The online skype sessions are a success, and means that I can have lessons during the week at school. I would definitely recommend Bespoke Languages Tuition.


, 06 March 2018

Using Skype the French and German tuition I have received has been absolutely fantastic. My BLT language tutor has really helped me build confidence in all aspects of French and German and I am now in a much better position to take my GCSE exams. The use of Skype is excellent as it fits to my timetable and there is no travelling needed. The tuition has really inspired me to take French at A-Level and to perhaps do a German qualification abroad. Would highly recommend!

, more than 6 months ago

Lessons are thorough and informative. You learn more from one session than from a week of school! First-class French tutoring and very enjoyable.

, more than 6 months ago

My tutoring has been absolutely amazing, and I can’t imagine being where I am today without my tutors help. Not only is his friendly and approachable nature really encouraging for you to try your best as well as feel free to ask questions about the language, but also the way he tailors his teaching style to your needs is really helpful and effective. I always look forward to my sessions, as he makes sure to do a range of activities and exercises every time to expand and improve on all areas of your language skills, but also to ensure it’s always kept interesting. His attentive teaching style also ensures that if there’s something in particular you’re not sure on or struggle with, he will happily spend an hour on it to make sure that you’re confident in everything you learn. Since I have been taught by them (2 hours every week) my A-level language course has become so much easier, as they have helped me to understand and really begin to speak the language. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is either struggling with languages (which was myself a few months ago) and needs some help to boost your confidence/ability, or even if you’re wanting to be even better and to challenge yourself, as he is great with all capabilities.

Harriet Sievey

, more than 6 months ago

Clear and precise German Tuition. The German tutor is knowledgeable and goes at a pace comfortable for my learning. The German tuition covers the basics, you might need to know, and the tutor assists with pronunciation of words, which is very useful. I am taking a trip to Germany again and I feel that I could put a few things into practice. I have my lessons over Skype, as this worked best for my learning. The German Tutor is friendly, and I enjoy each lesson I have. It would be suitable for people, all stages, or knowledge of the German language. I highly recommend. - Harriet S

, more than 6 months ago

I'm a student doing my Spanish and German A-levels at the moment, and I've benefited enormously from lessons with Bespoke languages Tuition. My tutor has been friendly and punctual and I've found his support with exam prep to be extremely encouraging. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needed support with language exams.

, more than 6 months ago

I have been receiving excellent French tuition over Skype. My tutor is very clear and concise and really helps me in structuring my essays. He also focuses a lot on my weaker areas of grammar, which I have come to learn are a bigger part of French exams than I had initially thought. When going through an exercise, my tutor will highlight words/phrases that I have gotten wrong and give me a chance to correct them myself, which I have found very useful. All lesson timings and work that I need to do are clearly stated, and for the few times I have needed to rearrange our Skype lessons, my tutor has been very accommodating. Overall, I would definitely recommend Bespoke Languages Tuition.

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