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Show your loyalty to the Mother of Dragons with this imposing Targaryen Goblet. Rising up from a black base, the Gothic black stem of this Goblet is interrupted by a grey scaled Dragon egg in the centre, before giving way at the top to three fierce Dragon heads. The Dragons climb up the sides of the


Officially Licenced HBO Game of Thrones keyrings, the Stark dire wolf, the Lannister lion or the Targaryen three headed dragon. Choose which House you pledge your allegiance to, House Stark, House Lannister or House Targaryen


Show your allegiance to the true King in the North with this sturdy officially licensed Game of Thrones Tankard. The bulk of this Tankard is covered in blue leather armour, riveted together. A large steel plate is held in place by leather belts and bears the legend “King in the North”. Above the


This official House Stark doormat is grey and black with “WELCOME TO WINTERFELL” on it, a sword lay sideways either side of the word “TO” and the Official Game of Thrones logo below it. A perfect gift for a Stark or a King in the North. Made from 100% coir with rubber backing. 60 cm x 40 cm


Is your home your castle if it is this is the perfect doormat fit for any King or Queen to put at their door, as the words say “BEND THE KNEE” with a sword down either side and above the official Game of Thrones logo. The mat is red and black and made from 100% coir and rubber backing. 60 cm x 40 cm