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We provide training to both senior executives and line managers in the identification of internal and external factors, that can have a detrimental effect on individual employees, and subsequently lead to: a reduction of productivity; accidents in the workplace; and/or detrimental behaviour

Investigation into the hours available through the workforce, compared to the hours required to undertake tasks, in order to identify any redundancy in hours. Undertaking a skills audit to ascertain the knowledge, skills and experience, across the workforce, in order to identify skills currently not

Identify time scale. Investigate advantages/disadvantages of promoting someone from within the organisation. Where decision is to recruit from outside the organisation, identify the criteria required, and investigate recruitment market to ascertain current trends. Where promotion is from within

Assisting in the planning of organisational scenarios being utilised to plan for an uncertain future. Facilitating the use of uncertainty-importance grids, and determining HR actions that would be required in order to bring about a favourable outcome. Ensuring that such actions would not compromise

Identification of knowledge, skills, experience required by the project team. Identify hours of availability for each post over the life of the project. Calculate the number of people required to complete the project within a specific timescale. Work out manpower costs to assist with drafting of the

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