Sensory Smart World - Products

A selection of dangling fibre optics. Fibre optic cascades, showers and curtains use safe polymer fibre in both sparkle and UV versions. We often use the fibre optic curtain version behind beds or along walls and the fibre optic shower and cascade would both make lovely creative lighting for sensory

Multi coloured rainbow fibre sparkles with provided 50W light source. Each strand is coloured creating a beautiful rainbow effect. Our rainbow fibre optic strands are made up of lots of mixed colours including red, green, yellow, orange, blue, pink and purple - a rainbow of colours. The Rainbow fibre


Telstar rocket shaped lava lamp Invented by Mathmos in 1963 The Telstar design is inspired by the space race fever that gripped the 1960s. Telstar legs are precision cast and then chromed and embossed with the Mathmos logo. Telstar bottles are hand filled in Mathmos' British factory with our unique