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Pesso Boyden therapy offers the opportunity to go beyond the reach of some conventional talking therapies, and work in a way that helps by linking the physical, emotional and cognitive components of each of us, so that we gain a greater awareness of what is going on within our own bodies and minds


Executive coaching helps you to become the very best version of yourself, as a thinker, as a leader, as an action taker. People seek coaching to resolve concerns, questions, issues or problems that arise in work, careers or business environments. Frequently, the pattern behind the problems, despite


Nothing throws up the differences between us in quite the same way as a couple relationship. Our personal history provides the template for our own unique love-map. Then there are different kinds of love, different stages in a loving partnership, and the added complexity that different personality


Psychotherapy is an opportunity for you to express your feelings and gain a deeper understanding and insight into particular issues or concerns and how to manage them better