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Computer Security and Support. The security of computers, networks and internet related aspects cannot be underestimated, unless you want your systems to be compromised, At Network Systems we have seen many companies that have suffered from expensive mistakes when security is compromised. The


Computer and Network Hardware Supply and Support. Our Network Systems sub division has been trading since January 1989, and through the years we have been involved with near enough every type of computer network and computer you could name, both for supply and support. We can supply hardware at very


It's surprising how that just a year or so ago, that your mobile phone costs were deemed as 'reasonable'. But things have moved on and now some see them as over priced. And there is no easier way to reduce those costs than allowing us to analyse your phone bills. In fact, we have been working with


The LRS UK OEM-TX 7 dry contact board is used to connect to up to seven open closed or closed open sensors. When any sensor changes state then a message is output to an alphanumeric pager. Buffer controlled so there is no loss of subsequent switching and messages are fully programmable. Range is


The LRS Connect paging system includes 10 Guest Pager Pro's and an LRS Connect internet-ready transmitter. Includes your choice of up to 60 pagers. With an LRS Connect paging system, choose to text message customers on their phone or notify customers via a pager. Integrate with other software tools

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