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License Free Radio Handset visit Digital mobile radio never looked so good The radios of the P3D series excel through their stylish and compact design in smartphone format and their intuitive operation. With a weight of only 160 g (P3D55/P3D65) and 165 g (P3D75), they can be


The LRS Pronto six-button paging system gives customers or staff the ability to request assistance from someone on-site immediately. With six buttons, each programmed with a distinct message delivered to one or many pagers, staff or employees can send a silent page with the touch of a button. An


The LRS Staff Paging System is a low-cost staff paging solution for a small business. It keeps staff informed about guest needs or tasks, allowing co-workers and management to alert one another when needed. The four LED lights may be programmed to light up individually or altogether to indicate the


The LRS guest paging system includes 10 Guest Pager CS6 units and LRS' guest transmitter. Includes your choice of 10 pagers. Often used to alert waiting customers in restaurants, retail shops, service shops, beauty salons, doctors offices, and others. LRS Guest Pager Pros discreetly alert customers

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