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Selection of Used Cars for Sale in Northern Ireland


In Northern Ireland, everyone is all too aware of how expensive insurance can be, especially for teenagers. At Maguires, we have done some special deals to deliver cheap motorcycle insurance for those aged 16 and above for as little as £99 a year


Brand new for 2011, the Division 125cc wouldn't look out of place cruising the mean streets of Miami in a Holywood blockbuster film. As cheap motorcycles go, this has to be one of, if not the best looking bikes on the road. The 'naked frame' styling, aggressive street-fighter looks and a 4 stroke air


The 717 model is a cheap scooter, but one that oozes street-smart credentials. With a new design featuring a more aggressive and dynamic stance, sport tuned suspension, disc/drum brakes and a modern four-stroke engine it means that while these are cheap scooters, they're certainly not lacking on