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Looking for that perfect card for that memorable 55 years of marriage? Then look no further. Emerald, part of the Everlasting range is a sumptuous handmade card that sparkles and glistens


A vibrant and fun design! This handmade birthday card uses a bold colour scheme of cerise & turquoise, certainly not for the faint hearted


A truly romantic design which will make a wonderful keepsake for years to come. This luxury handmade card is wrapped in red and black ribbon and features a red and black heart. Within the centre of the heart is a deep red rose which is dusted with red glitter. This design is further decorated with


A delightful handmade card which features a suspended red Swarovski heart shaped pendant, which hangs from a silver wired heart. The heart is displayed about a white fluffy marabou feather which sits about a silver and red base. A really beautiful design


This handmade card uses a trio of hearts as the main design feature in both red and white. The central heart is framed with red glitter and a small red heart shaped gem is displayed within the middle. All three hearts sit above a red and white sparkly central strip. This card is further decorated