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Freelance AV technician availability in Jan 2015 5th to 10th Jan Holister video wall screens, BMEAV 13th Quebeq embassy presentation, Drapers hall 14th -15th Mars Presentation, Norton Grange, TMAV 16th -18th Adventure Expo, Olympia 19th -21st Blitz Vision 22nd 23rd BETT show, Excel 24th to 27th Free


Barco SLM R12+ hire, 12,000 lux video projector for widescreen, large format Video presentations at Conferences, awards shows, Film premiere events, Comes with 0.8 lense for back projection, or 2 to 1 long lense for front projection. Comes with DVI/HDMI input for DVD shows, VGA/RGBHV input for Laptop


Clay Paky Golden Scan Mk3 HPE is the new, powerful Clay Paky scanner with a 1200W lamp. It is the heir of a family of projectors that made show lighting history. Mk3 HPE is also the number of its new features: 1. Effects: wheel with 4 fixed, interchangeable gobos. 2. New Electronics: with digital


We have in our hire stock 15 HighEnd Cyberlight 1200HMI moving mirror spotlights. With enhanced optics and twice the light output of its standard-setting predecessor, the Cyberlight Turbo has earned its reputation as an industry workhorse. This moving mirror fixture delivers the same quality