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At Bailies we have developed a cutting-edge barista training course which is designed to equip baristas at any level, with the necessary skills to prepare and serve a consistently high standard of coffee. Our training sessions are fairly intensive, and are designed to accomodate a maximum of four


In addition to supplying high quality, ethical coffee to the coffee wholesale trade in the UK and Ireland, Bailies also supply everything from wholesale coffee cups, lids, coffee syrups, coffee filter papers, sugar sachets, sugar sticks, wooden stirrers and chocolate


Espresso Starter Pack - This starter pack allows you to begin a very special tasting journey with our coffee - all you need is espresso making equipment at home, or at work, and you're ready to go! For your Espresso Starter Pack visit


Skerton Hand Grinder - A great hand held grinder to use around the kitchen or take to work. This grinder will grind for most brew methods but ideal for pour over, filter, aeropress and French press. The Skerton Hand Brinder is available from


This particular coffee is grown in the Phoka Hills, in Rumphi district in the Northern Highlands. Mellow chocolate notes, with a hint of tropical fruit are observed in this coffee. With mellow acidity and good sweetness, it is considered a clean cup