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Triathlon Time Trial Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping

The benefits of a time trial fit include: Improved aerodynamics - Through a reduction in frontal area and an optimised body/bike aerodynamic interface. Increase in power - Through optimisation of: leg extension, saddle choice & fore/aft position, pelvic stability & knee flexion at the top of the pedal stroke Improved comfort - Implementation of a position that considers the riders flexibility, injury history & the demands of their event; whilst creating a position which promotes good posture.
Fitting to a time trial or triathlon bike is fundamentally different to a road bike fit. Additionally, the variety of races within each of these disciplines- whether it’s a 10 mile TT, sprint triathlon or Ironman, places different demands on the athlete. And so a very specific bike fit is required. We take into account the specific biomechanics of the rider, the specific requirements of their event and their own preferences to create the ideal fit. The fit protocol used for our Road Fit is optimised and implemented into the TT/Tri Fit. We use our full range of technologies from: Retul, Gebiomized Pressure Mapping and BodyGeometry Fit to objectively analyse the rider, their equipment interaction and how the changes made to their position take effect.