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Reflective Dog Harness

From €11.95 Small: Neck:27cm Breast:32-42cm Length:22.9cm
Soft harnesses are recommended by vets and trainers as they are much more comfortable for your dog, alleviating pressure on the neck so your dog's neck is safe and your dog is less likely to pull. These new solid colour soft harnesses are made from "Stansier" brand mesh that is softer, more breathable, faster drying and has more tensile strength and resistance to wear than other soft harnesses on the market. Small: Neck:27cm Breast:32-42cm Length:22.9cm Medium: Neck:29cm Breast:36-48cm Length:27.9cm Large: Neck:33cm Breast:46-58cm Length:30.5cm X Large: Neck:42cm Breast:57-80cm Length:39.4cm

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