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Party Bags for all your guests!

Professor Rainbows now offer party bags on all our children's party packages. We can provide a unisex party bag from just £1.50 each and you only pay for how many you give away on the day. Our entertainers will bring the bags with them on the day of the party. So if you're expecting 40 children but only 30 turn up then you only pay for the 30 bags you use. • No more overspending • No more party bags going to waste. • No more running around shops and having to spend hours putting them all together. Simply advise us of approx how many children you are expecting. We will always bring more just in case so you will never be short. (Some items may not be suitable for under 3's)


Harvey Hicks
Party Bags

, more than 2 years ago

Great work guys
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