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OXYSURE615 Emergency Oxygen

WHY CATALYTIC OXYGEN? This revolutionary technology removes the hazards associated with compressed oxygen cylinders - no storage under high pressure, no gauges, no valves, and no leaks. In addition, the Model 615: (i) does not present an explosion hazard; (ii) does not present a toxicity hazard; (iii) is not an environmental hazard; and (iv) is safe for transportation. Indications for use Cardiovascular emergencies (e.g. heart attack or stroke). Resportory emergencys, Asmhta attacks, exacerbations in COPD. Shortness of breth allergies etc. General medical emergencies. Potential altitude induced hypoxic events. Work place, Schhol or at Home quick oxygen for survival and/or initial stabilisation.
CATALYTIC OXYGEN PROCESS Each disposable cartridge delivers 6 litres per minute (LPM) of medically pure oxygen for fifteen minutes. The unique advantage of the OxySure System is that it does not store oxygen. Instead, the cartridge contains a dry powder and a proprietary catalyst, which produces oxygen at the turn of a knob. Upon activation, the chemical powders are released into the accelerant to start the reaction. The medically pure oxygen produced is delivered to the user via the flexible delivery tube and mask which is included with the system. By not storing oxygen, as in conventional gas cylinders and liquid oxygen dispensers, the hazards, such as explosion which are normally associated with traditional oxygen systems have been eliminated. Oxygen is produced immediately upon turning the knob and will continue as a catalytic exothermic reaction producing an average of no less than 6 litres per minute for 15 minutes. Once activated, the reaction may not be stopped and will continue producing oxygen throughout the 15 minute cycle. Because the reaction is exothermic, the dispenser becomes moderately warm to the touch. The cycle of oxygen production can be repeated if necessary by inserting a new disposable cartridge.