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New builds and Eco-Homes

With design and build projects we can help you to consider all your options by considering your want and need of this new space. We offer a comprehensive service from the initial ‘free consultation’ stage, through to ‘Project Completion’ and everything in between. We also a offer design services such as ‘floor plan layout design' and ‘interior design’. As we are a brand committed to sustainability (eco-buildings) we also offer ‘Renewable energy and carbon reducing technology consultations’ Although these are not consultations available to everyone as such, these consultations are only offered to clients who have contractually started proceedings within us i.e. in our ‘Project design and planning’ stage. We are able the undertake all aspects of your building project but can also offer a service where we can complete only certain aspects and leave projects ready for finishing by our clients or their desired tradesmen offering flexibility. It is not uncommon for some clients to want to take on certain aspects of their projects themselves, things like painting and decorating are often parts of project where this is the case. Some of our client’s like to install their own insulation or have a ‘friend or family member’ who they would like to have plasterboard and plaster for example.

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