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Please visit the Festival Website for more information and booking details. Previous clients - Sight Concern Worcester / Maggs Day Centre Worcester. / 01905456432
The Chamber Music @ Worcester Festival is committed to offer 'in situ' concerts to organisations within the local community, who find it more difficult to provide access to live music for their members. Part of Chamber Music @ Worcester's Music in the Community programme, these concerts are approximately 60 minutes in length an can be tailored to suit the specific environment in which they are to take place. The sample programme outlined below is designed to highlight a wide selection of musical styles and genres, which aim to appeal to as wide a variety of musical tastes as possible. Each year the music offered will reflect the theme of the festival. As all performers are members of the Astaria String Quartet, the number of players can vary depending on the location size and requirements of each venue. A booking can be for the full Quartet or a smaller ensemble such as a Trio or Duo. Chamber Music @ Worcester welcomes enquiries from hospices, day centres, nursing homes and hospitals. Please contact the Festival direct by phone or email for full details about programme choices, cost and availability. To download a copy of the sample programme, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Download'.

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