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Car-Chem Surface Detailing Fine Clay Kit

Detailing Clays & Lubricants Paintwork should feel as smooth as glass before receiving a wax layer. Ensure your paintwork is properly prepared by removing bonded contaminants using a clay bar and lubricant. Choose from a range of clay bars, from ultra-fine grade for regular use, to aggressive clays for the removal of stubborn tar or overspray. Clay lubricants help clay to glide smoothly over the paintwork. Complete Clay Kit NEW From Car-Chem. The Surface Detailing Clay Kit is a comprehensive kit designed to be used as a complete system and contains all the elements required for the full detail claying process. These work in conjunction with each another to provide an ultra smooth finish. Kit Contains: • Clay Lube Detailer - 500ml • Detailing Fine Clay Bar - 200g • Microfibre Cloth x 2

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