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Flanders Expo


Trailer Vision We will be attending Flanders Horse Expo, at the end of the month and we would be very pleased to see you there:

Flanders Horse Expo - Vlaanderens grootste beurs voor ruiter, menner, fokker en paardenliefhebber
Flanders Horse Expo is Vlaanderens grootste beurs voor ruiter, menner, fokker en paardenliefhebber en opent opnieuw zijn deuren op 26,27 en 28 februari 2011

Digi-Nav Combined Sat-Nav/CCTV System


Trailer Vision are delighted to be able to launch a brand new product, possibly a UK first, that combines Sat-Nav with a reversing camera/CCTV. The 7" unit is capable of displaying images from up to 4 digital wireless cameras and the colour LCD screen can be split into 2, to enable the simultaneous display of Sat-Nav info. The mapping software, also designed for commercial use, enables the user to enter the vehicle/trailer dimensions to ensure that calculated routes avoid low bridges and narrow roads etc. A cutting-edge product from a company that cares.


Why Digital Wireless?


Digital Wireless camera systems, unlike their analogue wireless predecessors, are INTERFERENCE FREE.

This is due to the fact the signal is both digitised and coded; each camera has a unique identification code. Monitors, only 'see' the cameras/camera codes that they are paired to and therefore to not see/pick up any interference.

As well as being interference free, digital wireless camera systems also offer improved range, 200m (line of sight) transmission is easily achievable, meaning that use on any vehicle/trailer combination is possible, even without 'line of sight'.


Digital Wireless works and is quick & easy to install (no cables or suzies to damage).

Sell offers



Original Digi-View reversing camera system, in silver, for sale, £50 lower than normal price - while stocks last.


Motor Accessory Resellers


Please get in touch if you would like a trade pricelist and would like to sell Trailer Vision products.